Which hardware do you need?

Addeat.net is designed to work with minimal hardware requirements on all kind of operating systems. Here we show some possible, minimal and one extended hardware configuration to run addeat.net.

For all configurations you need at least a computer or smartphone, a printer and an internet connection.

Minimal hardware configuration with a desktop computer

This configuration uses a computer with internet access for the service-management website and could be used by different waiters. Each waiter has his own tabbed area. The computer should be positioned near the cash-point to transfer arriving orders easily.

The computer is connected to the local network and the printer. Printing table-cards from a desktop computer is easier to configure than printing from a tablet or smartphone. Desktop computers support borderless printing of table cards.

minimal hardware configuration

Minimal hardware configuration with tablet

The minimal tablet configuration works like the desktop computer configuration in the web browser. The printer must be connected to the local WLAN.

If you have got an Android tablet use alternatively the addeat smartphone app instead of the web browser.

The printer configuration for printing table cards from tablet is a bit tricky. See: How can I print table cards from tablet or smartphone?

configuration with tablet PC

Minimal hardware configuration with smartphone(s)

The minimal configuration with one or several smartphones has no central access point for all waiters. The use of this configuration is limited to Android smartphones using the addeat app. The waiter will be immediately informed about arriving orders whereever he is.

The printer configuration for printing table cards from smartphone is a bit tricky. See: How can I print table cards from tablet or smartphone?

The smartphone configuration can be extended with Sony's SmartWatch. Waiters could manage most of the work on the touch screen at their wrist. Rest of the process they manage by smartphone.

This kind of configuration can also be extended by another smartphone. Each waiter sets a filter to the tables he cares for. A central access point for all waiters will not really be needed.

configuration with smartphone and smartwatch

Extended hardware configuration

This example of an extended hardware configuration uses smartphones and SmartWatches for the waiters to ensure the best service for the guests.

The bar keeper and the kitchen staff use smartphones or tablets to enhance the internal workflow. They are informed about orders from all tables and can start preparing customers desires even before the waiter has approved them. If they do, they should update the order staus. See: What's the meaning of the order status?

The tablet at the cash-point-tablet supports the collaboration between the waiters. Waiters could have a look what's going on at the tables of fellow workers and support them if necessary.

The Computer in the office is used to print table cards when necessary. See: How can I avoid spam orders?

extended configuration

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