Step 2: Enter menu card

Next step is to enter your menu card and to provide it to your guests.

  • Open the website to configure your restaurant (e.g.
  • Enter categories and subcategories of your menu card.
  • Enter articles with short and long text and price.
  • Enable the checkbox "view menu card" in Profile/Web site services.
  • To show "view menu card" on your table cards, login as a waiter and reprint them.

Your guests will be happy to be able browsing your menu card before the waiter provides a printed one.

Multi language menu card

Think about, if you want to provide your menu card in additional languages for your international guests. Your local guest will be impressed and have fun to browse diffrent translations of your card. To provide an additional language

  • Open the website to configure your restaurant (e.g.
  • At "Navigation/Languages/Restaurant Language" add a new restaurant language. All texts from the menu card, table names and restaurant infos will be copied from the standard language to the new language.
  • Select your new restaurant language at "Menu Card/Language Filter".
  • Translate menu category names and menu items for the new language.
  • At "Points of Service/Language Filer" select your new restaurant language and translate the table names for the new language.
  • At "Navigation/Languages/POS Language" select the language to print the table names your table cards.

That's it. - good service couldn't be easier