configure your restaurant

Best practice Step by step configuration

We recommend to introduce step by step. After each step you should wait some days to get your stuff used to the new system. This mode you will find out the best way to benefit without disturbing your workflows at all.

You don't have to realize all steps. Maybe you think to have best benefit for your restaurant and your guests, if you only realise step 1. Maybe you prefer a mixture of elements in step 1 to step 4.

Step 1: Basic setup and service call system

The first step is to provide the "call service" function for your guests.

  • Try to avoid any hardware investments by choosing a minimal hardware configuration.

  • Save your addeat subdomain by filling our Registration form and confirm the registration email you receive.
  • Now you will receive an other email explaining all basic steps to do. Open the website to configure your restaurant (e.g.
  • Fill restaurants address, table names, an info text, waiters names and password.
  • Upload the logo of your restaurant.
  • Upload some nice pictures of your restaurant, to show them your guests.
  • At "Navigation/Profil/web site services" mark the checkbox "call service".
  • Close the restaurant configuration and open the web seite for your waiters (e.g. Print table cards and by selecting the right Paper for table cards.
  • Have an Android tablet next to your cash register and install the app from Google play to receive service requests from your guests.

Now your system is ready to run and provides the basic "call service" function. Let it run some days and think about the best way to use it:

  • Is it better to have a computer or a tablet for the service management centre?
  • Is it better to have a 7 inch or a 10 inch tablet?
  • Do you need a touch screen for your PC next to the cash register?
  • Maybe the tablet needs stable mounting or a locked stand.
  • Maybe your waiters need an android smartphone or an additional Sony SmartWatch 2 to have optimal benefit from all features.
  • To support the Sony SmartWatch 2 we recommend to have an Android SmartPhones with NFC and Bluetooth 3.0 support.

Ask your guest how they think about your service. Our experience says 30 to 80 % of the guest really like it. It depends on the type of your restaurant and the kind of your guests.

Step 2: Enter menu card

Next step is to enter your menu card and to provide it to your guests.

  • Open the website to configure your restaurant (e.g.
  • Enter categories and subcategories of your menu card.
  • Enter articles with short and long text and price.
  • Enable the checkbox "view menu card" in Profile/Web site services.
  • To show "view menu card" on your table cards, login as a waiter and reprint them.

Your guests will be happy to be able browsing your menu card before the waiter provides a printed one.

Multi language menu card

Think about, if you want to provide your menu card in additional languages for your international guests. Your local guest will be impressed and have fun to browse diffrent translations of your card. To provide an additional language

  • Open the website to configure your restaurant (e.g.
  • At "Navigation/Languages/Restaurant Language" add a new restaurant language. All texts from the menu card, table names and restaurant infos will be copied from the standard language to the new language.
  • Select your new restaurant language at "Menu Card/Language Filter".
  • Translate menu category names and menu items for the new language.
  • At "Points of Service/Language Filer" select your new restaurant language and translate the table names for the new language.
  • At "Navigation/Languages/POS Language" select the language to print the table names your table cards.

That's it.

Step 3: enable online orders

Before activating mobile ordering for your guests we recomment to consider following item:

  • Your hardware configuration should be configured well and be tested.
  • The waiters should be familiar with the printing of table cards.
  • Waiters should be familiar to connect the Sony SmartWatch 2 with the smartphone.
  • Accumulator cells of SmartWatches and smartphones should be loaded every morning.
  • All waiters should be familiar with the handling of the programm.

To enable ordering from menu card for your guests:

  • Open the website to configure your restaurant (e.g.
  • Select "Navigation/Profile/Web Seite services" an activate the checkbox "Order from Menu".
  • To show "order from Menu" on the table cards, login as a waiter and reprint them.

Step 4: more options

After you implemented the mobile ordering system of, you should consider some more options to configure.

Enable table change function

Some restaurants want to provide a function, where guests could report a change of table. Especially if restaurants have got many tables at outdoor areas, guests tend to change tables to be better protected against the sun or to have a better view to the landscape. If guests change table, it can cause serious logistical problems. With your guests can report a the change of table to the according waiters.

  • Open the website to configure your restaurant (e.g.
  • Enable the checkbox "change table" at "Navigation/Profile/Web site services"
  • To show "change table" on your table cards, login as a waiter und reprint them.
Enable table PINs

In case you have Problems with spam orders, let your guests confirm each order by PIN. In case a spam order appears, you only have to reprint the table card of the according Point of Service to generate a new PIN.

  • Open the website to configure your restaurant (e.g.
  • Select "show POS PIN" at "Navigation/Profile/Web site Services"
  • To show the PIN on your table cards, login as a waiter and reprint them.
Buy Addeat-Plus-Services Plus-Services provide the possibility to present your business with your individual impression.

Plus-Services presents

  • The mobile web site for your guests free of adds
  • The mobile web site for your guests with your individual background image
  • Selection of 6 diffrent colour themes for your guest's website
  • Selection of 6 diffrent layouts for the table cards

To have Plus-Services

  • Open the website to configure your restaurant (e.g.
  • Select at "Navigation/Plus-Services/Colour Theme" a colour theme for your guest's website.
  • Upload at "Navigation/Plus-Services/background image" the background image for your guest's website
  • Select at "Navigation/Plus-Services/Table Card Layout" the layout for your table cards
  • Select "Navigation/Plus-Services/Buy Plus-Service" to activate your Plus-Services settings for a period of 6 month and pay per PayPal
  • Please note: Plus-Services end up automaticliy. Don't forget to renew them in time. - good service couldn't be easier