You can test in our test restaurant

As a guest

Enter our Testrestaurant as a guest. Scan one of the QR-codes below

  • Call for service
  • have a look to the menu card and order something
  • report to the waiters if you have changed the table

qr-code guest

As a waiter

For the service team there are two programs available.

  • Login as a waiter in our Sunshine-Bar. The password is: sunshine99
  • Receive orders from guests an change it's status
  • The team members Peter, Paul and Mary can filter the tables they care for

Service management website

The Servicemanagement Website is the headquater next to the cash register for all waiters.

  • From here waiters can print additional table cards

Servicemanagement Website

Android App

The Andoid App can also used as the headquater for all waiters on a tablet.

  • On an Android smartphone together with the Sony SmartWatch 2 you will be immediately informed about new orders from guests. - good service couldn't be easier