Avoid spam orders?

Addeat.net provides its service to your guests as a mobile website. They don't have to install any app and stay anonimous. This guarantees a great usability for your guests and perfect accaptance.

But we can't avoid completely if single guests send anonymous spam orders after leaving the restaurant to disturb your work flows.

To avoid disturbing restaurant workflows by spam orders addeat.net provides the following possibilities:

  • Every guest that didn't send any order during the last two hours is indicated in the service management apps by a little star . Waiters should prove this kind of orders per eye contact to avoid spam orders. Subsequent orders are not indicated by a star. Waiters can be quite shure: it's a serious order.
  • Your can ensure guest orders PIN printed on the table cards. In case you get a spam from any table, waiters only have to print a new table card to avoid any more spams.
  • To activate PINs on your table cards open the restaurant configuration website (e.g. myRestaurant.addeat.net/configuration) and activate the checkbox "show POS PIN" at "Navigation/Profile/Web site services".

Normaly spam orders are rare and no realy problem. We recommend first to test addeat.net without PIN to provide best comfort for your guests.


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