What to consider if I run a tablet?

Full screen mode

If your waiters run a tablet for the service management website, the browser should show the site in full screen mode. Address bar and menu bar will be unvisible. More space will be available to show order data from your guests. Some browsers need an add-on to display websites in fullscreen mode.

  • Have a look to the add-on manager of your tablets browser and find an addon to enable your browser to show websites in full screen mode.

Engergie settings

Tablets normally turn of the display after a short time to save energy and change to sleep mode. In sleep mode the service management website can't receive orders from guests. We recommend

  • have a look to the display and power management of the tablet and set time to turn of the display on maximum.
  • If you have an Android tablet think about to install the addeat app on the tablet. The addeat app can receive orders in the sleep mode.

External speaker or additional smartphone

If your bar keeper provides all drinks for your waiters, he might not hear signal for new orders for drinks that he has to provide for the waiters. Think about to provide one of the following additional equipment:

  • An external speaker connected by cable or maybe by Bluetooth,
  • a Bluetooth headset or
  • an android smartphone running the addeat app and vibrating in the bar keepers pocket.

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